October 19, 2021

1968 (MCMLXVIII, in Roman numerals) was a leap year in the 20th century that began on a Monday, according to the Gregorian calendar. His Sunday lyrics were GF. Carnival Tuesday took place on February 27th and Easter Sunday on April 14th. According to the Chinese horoscope, it was the year of the Monkey, starting on January 30th.


International Year of Human Rights, by the UN. Inauguration of the free trade zone in Lomé, capital of Togo.


January 5th - Beginning of Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia. January 15 - A 6.8° quake hits the island of Sicily, Italy, killing 230 people. January 31 - Vietnam War: Start of the Tet Offensive, by Vietnamese guerrillas who invade the US embassy in Saigon.



March 7 - Vietnam War: First battle in Saigon. March 16 - Vietnam War: US Army executes 504 Vietnamese civilians in the notorious My Lai Massacre. March 27 - The Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, the first man to go into space in 1961, dies. He was 34 years old and had an accident with an ultralight aircraft that he and the co-pilot commanded in Kirzhach. 28th of March - Student Edson Luís is killed by military police, in the invasion of the Calabouço Restaurant in the center of Rio de Janeiro. According to the police, there was the invasion because they thought the group intended to invade the US embassy, ​​another student was also killed in the restaurant.


April 4 - Black leader and 1964 Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King is gunned down in Memphis at 39 years of age. His killer, a southern segregationist, James Earl Ray. April 4th - Assis Chateaubriand, journalist and entrepreneur, founder of TV Tupi, dies in São Paulo at the age of 75. 4th of April - Frente Amplio is banned by President Costa e Silva, who orders the seizure of magazines and books. April 6 - 2001 Movie: A Space Odyssey is released in theaters around the world. April 7 - 32-year-old Scottish Formula 1 driver Jim Clark dies in an accident during the German Formula 2 GP at the Hockenheimring circuit. April 16 - Metallurgists from Contagem, in Minas Gerais, go on strike for 10 days, due to a salary adjustment.


May 1st - Governor of São Paulo, Abreu Sodré is stoned on a podium in Praça da Sé by workers against the military dictatorship. 1st of May - Launch of the Tropicália rhythm. May 2 - Revolution of May 68 is initiated by students at the University of Paris and there is a general strike in France. May 20 - Foundation of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Consolação, parish of Feteira, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo. May 22 - American submarine Scorpion sinks in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Azores archipelago, killing 99 crew members. 26th of May - First heart transplant performed in Brazil, by Dr. Euryclides de Jesus Zerbini.


June 3 - Andy Warhol, American artist and pop art figure is wounded in an attack. June 5 - Robert Kennedy is shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Kennedy dies. June 21 - Student parade leaves 90 injured after confrontation with police repression of the dictatorship in Rio de Janeiro. June 26 - An attack on São Paulo's II Army HQ kills soldier Mário Kozel Filho; 100 thousand march through the streets of the center of Rio de Janeiro against government violence, protests are all over the country.


July 1 — The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is signed in Washington, DC, London and Moscow by sixty-two countries. July 13th - Brazilian Martha Vasconcellos is elected Miss Universe 68. 17th of July - President Costa e Silva determines the ban on demonstrations. 18th of July - Communist Hunting Command beats the cast of the play ‘Roda Viva’ by Chico Buarque in Sã

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