December 8, 2021

1974 (MCMLXXIV, in Roman numerals) was a common year of the 20th century that began on a Tuesday, according to the Gregorian calendar. Its Sunday lyrics were F. Carnival Tuesday took place on February 26th and Easter Sunday on April 14th. According to the Chinese horoscope, it was the year of the Tiger, starting on January 23rd. In the Gregorian calendar, it was the 1974th year of the Common Era or Anno Domini, the 974th year of the second millennium, and the fifth year of the 1970s.


World Year of Population, by the UN. Peasants were digging a water well when they discovered the archaeological site in the Xian region. Cartographic coverage of the Azores archipelago is completed, comprising 14 charts.


January 12 - A military rebellion breaks out in Ethiopia. January 13 - The Juventus da Mooca team wins its first international title, beating the Japan national team 2-0 at the Javari Stadium. January 17 - The leader of Panama, Omar Torrijos, signs in Buenos Aires, together with Juan Domingo Perón, an anti-colonial pact, in which they reciprocally supported the respective causes related to the Panama Canal and the Malvinas archipelago. January 19 - A naval battle between China and Vietnam, for the possession of the Paracel Islands, located in the South China Sea, ends with the occupation of the archipelago by the Chinese, a situation that remains until today. January 25 - Bülent Ecevit takes over as prime minister of Turkey at the head of a coalition between his Republican People's Party and the minority National Salvation Party. January 28 - Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev arrives in Cuba for a ten-day state visit. January 29 - State of emergency in Bolivia, after several days of revolt in Cochabamba.


February 1 Kuala Lumpur is declared a federal territory of Malaysia. Fire in the 25-story Joelma Building in São Paulo, Brazil, kills 189 people and injures 293. February 4 - In the UK, miners vote to extend the general strike that threatens to leave the country without energy reserves. February 7 - Independence of Grenada. February 8 - The armed forces of Alto Volta assume all power and impose curfews in the country. February 20 - The clashes that took place in northern Mozambique, in January, justify the launch of the first communiqué by the Captains' Movement, in defense of democracy and a political solution to the "overseas question".


March 3 - Air disaster of Turkish Airlines Flight 981. March 4 - Inauguration of the Rio-Niterói Bridge. March 12 - Carlos Andrés Pérez succeeds Rafael Caldera as president of Venezuela. March 15 - General Ernesto Geisel replaces General Emílio Garrastazu Médici as president of Brazil. March 16 - The Coup das Caldas takes place, it was a failed coup attempt, which would accelerate preparations for the 25th of April. March 28 Nicolae Ceauşescu, who was already secretary general of the Romanian Communist Party since 1967, also becomes President of the Republic, through a constitutional amendment. The Mariner 10 spacecraft passes by the planet Mercury. Khmer Rouge forces capture Odongk, north of Phnom Penh, launching an offensive to seize power in Cambodia.


April 2 - The death of French President Georges Pompidou leads to presidential elections being called for May. April 3 - The second longest known tornado sequence occurs in the United States. In an 18-hour span, 148 tornadoes touched the ground killing at least 315 people. It was only surpassed by the April 2011 tornado wave. April 5 - A coalition government is formed in Laos, between right and left, putting an end to a war of more than ten years. April 11 - The Prime Minister of Isr

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