December 8, 2021

1991 (MCMXCI in Roman numerals) was an ordinary year in the 20th century that began on a Tuesday, according to the Gregorian calendar. Its Sunday lyrics were F. Carnival Tuesday took place on February 12th and Easter Sunday on March 31st. According to the Chinese horoscope, it was the year of the Goat, starting on February 15th.


The Museum of São Jorge is created, in the village of Calheta, on the island of São Jorge.


January 17 - Beginning of the First Gulf War.


February 28 - End of the Gulf War.


March 26 - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay sign the Treaty of Asunción, which establishes Mercosur.


April 9 - Georgia Independence


June 23 - Launch of the Sonic The Hedgehog game franchise.


July 1—Cold War: The Warsaw Pact is officially dissolved at a meeting in Prague.


Aug 19 - A KGB-led coup d'etat unsuccessfully attempts to overthrow President Mikhail Gorbachev and take over the government of the Russian Federation and the USSR. August 20 - Recognition of Estonian independence by the Soviet Union. August 21 - Recognition of Latvian independence by the Soviet Union. August 24 - Ukraine declares itself independent from the Soviet Union. 25 August - Recognition of Belarus' independence by the Soviet Union. August 27 - Independence of Moldova. August 30 - Independence of Azerbaijan. August 31 - Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan) declares itself independent from the Soviet Union.


September 1 - Independence of Uzbekistan. September 8 - Independence of the Republic of Macedonia (present-day Northern Macedonia). 9 September - Independence of Tajikistan. September 17 - Launch of the first operating system with Linux kernel September 21 - Recognition of Armenia's independence by the Soviet Union.


October 8 - Independence of Croatia. October 20th - Ayrton Senna is Three-time Formula 1 Champion October 27 - Independence of Turkmenistan.


26 November - European Economic Community: The Community joins the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), becoming the first economic integration organization to be a full member of a specialized agency of the United Nations. 28 November - South Ossetia Declaration of Independence (not recognized by any country).


December 16 - Independence of Kazakhstan. December 25 - Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev resigns, culminating in the end of the USSR. December 28 - The Beto Carrero World amusement park is inaugurated in Penha, Santa Catarina. December 31 - The USSR is officially declared extinct.


February 26 - CL, South Korean singer and rapper. April 4th - Lucas Lucco, Brazilian singer August 3rd - Nyvi Estephan, presenter, youtuber and Brazilian gamer. July 20 - Tawan Vihokratana, Thai actor, singer and presenter


January 17 - Olaf V of Norway, King of Norway from 1957 to 1991 (b. 1903). March 21 - Leo Fender, guitar builder and founder of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation September 2 - Alfonso García Robles, Mexican diplomat, winner of the 1982 Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1911). 20 April - Steve Marriott - British singer, songwriter and guitarist (b. 1947) November 24 - Freddie Mercury, lead singer of British band Queen (b. 1946). November 24 - Eric Carr, drummer for the band Kiss December 15 - Vassili Zaitsev - Soviet sniper

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