January 27, 2022

2016 (MMXVI, in Roman numerals) was a leap year of the 21st century that started on a Friday, according to the Gregorian calendar. His Sunday letters were CB. Shrove Tuesday took place on February 9th and Easter Sunday on March 27th. According to the Chinese horoscope, it was the year of the Monkey, starting on February 8th.


January, 1st The Orthographic Agreement of 1990 enters into force in Brazil, after the transition period since 2009. Intensity VII earthquake on the Mercalli scale causes between 5 and 10 deaths and 100 injuries in India and Bangladesh. Ballon d'Or Football Award Ceremony.January 12 The municipality of Belém, capital of Pará, completes four hundred years. Istanbul bombing leaves 11 dead, 15 injured Jakarta attacks kill 17 Wikipedia turns 15 years old. Al-Qaida terrorist attack on the Hotel Splendid, in the city of Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, leaves 30 dead and dozens injured. Tsai Ing-wen is elected president of Taiwan.January 24 Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is elected president of Portugal.


February 1 WHO declares international emergency for microcephaly. Earthquake in southern Taiwan leaves 98 dead, 550 injured and 22 missing. The Império de Casa Verde samba school is the champion of the São Paulo samba school parade. The Estação Primeira de Mangueira samba school is the champion of the Rio de Janeiro samba school parade. Researchers from the LIGO project announce that gravitational waves, predicted in the Theory of General Relativity, have been detected for the first time.February 12 Pope Francis is in Cuba with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Cyril, to sign a joint declaration of fraternal union between the two churches. It was the first meeting between their leaders since the Great Eastern Schism of February 1054.15. Beginning of the transition from analogue to digital television in Brazil, starting in Rio Verde, Goiás (pilot shutdown). 58th edition of the Grammy Awards.February 17 Terrorist attack in Ankara, Turkey, leaves 28 dead and 61 injured. Gianni Infantino is elected president of FIFA.February 28 88th Oscar Academy Awards Ceremony.


March 13th Brazil's anti-government protests.March 19 Flydubai Flight 981 crashes near the airport in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, killing 55 passengers and 7 crew. Barack Obama makes historic visit to Cuba. Former Vice President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba is convicted of 2 counts of crimes against humanity and 3 counts of war crimes. Terrorist bombings at Brussels airport and metro leave 35 dead and 300 injured. Former President of the Serbian Republic Radovan Karadžić is sentenced to 40 years in prison on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Bosnian War, due to his involvement in the Srebrenica Massacre.


April 3 A fire destroys the Russian Defense Ministry building in central Moscow, the main cause being a short circuit in old electrical wiring. Information leak Panama Papers reveals global tax evasion scandal involving millions of documents about offshore companies. Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson resigns after being named in the Panama Papers scandal. By 38 votes to 27, the commission on the impeachment process of President Dilma Rousseff approved the opinion of the rapporteur, deputy Jovair Arantes of the PTB of the state of Goiás. The United States confirms the link between the Zika virus and the

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