May 17, 2022

Editing is the most fun part of Wikipedia! Below you will find an overview of the editing process, if you are looking for a complete guide see our Editing Guide.

Edit articles

Let's start with one of the most basic tasks of a wiki: editing pages. Here on Wikipedia this is done using the "Edit" tab (at the top of the page). Open another window or tab in the Test page, choose a page that is Free and click on the "Edit" tab. You will then see its content. One part will be text, another part may not understand, for now especially. Write anything, and click the "Publish Changes" button. See how easy it is to edit? You can do this with any page! By the way, notice the "View history" tab. Note, on the test page, that your change has been stored. Enjoy and compare the differences. More details about editing can be found in How to edit a page.

Edit preview

For the editor to be able to confirm the result of his edit, there is a Show preview button available. Thus, it becomes possible to test our intervention before submitting it. You will see, in time, that mistakes are very common and it is good policy not to make too many small changes, as it adds to the history unnecessarily. Experienced users also use the Show forecast button. Press the button as many times as you like to see what the changes you have made will look like. One of the most frequent mistakes is correcting the interlinks, which we will talk about later, which is why this button is especially useful. Don't forget, however, to save your changes. It is very common for an editor to press the button, go through other pages (perhaps to confirm the interlinks) and close the editing window without having saved the changes, so save them little by little. One paragraph at a time is good policy. Note: if you happen to have edited it not saved, but you have moved to other pages, use your browser's back button and then confirm your changes.


In each edit box there is a small line called summary or summary where you must enter a summary of the changes you have just made. This summary will appear both in the page history and in recent changes. It is often assumed that there is always someone keeping an eye on this page for inadvertent and incorrect changes (also known as vandalism); if your change is identified, you are halfway to trusting your work.

Show changes

If you want to review the changes made before saving, press the Show Changes button.

Publish edit

When you are satisfied with your edit press Publish Changes.

Video summary

Characteristics of an article

A Wikipedia article should contain, in addition to a well-conceived title and the content you want to insert, the following parts: Interlinks or internal links; The references; and The category(ies);All of them will be exposed in the following articles of this tutorial.