August 12, 2022

Armero is a municipality in Colombia, in the department of Tolima, the municipal head is the city Armero Guayabal (Guayabal); It borders the municipalities of Ambalema, Falan, Lleida, Lebanon, Honda, Villahermosa and San Sebastian de Mariquita, and the department of Cundinamarca; It is washed by the Lagunilla, Cuamo, Sabandija and Magdalena rivers.


On the morning of November 13, 1985, the city was buried due to the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, in the Andes, which gave rise to a lahar that transported mud and rocks, which in some places was 104 meters thick. It caused the death of almost the entire population, the few survivors fled before the accident and live in nearby cities. The rest, about 23,000 people lie under the ruins, as happened in Pompeii and Herculaneum. The population of the city had been warned the night before of the danger, but the mayor, not wanting to scare people, did not warn them and tragedy occurred.[citation needed]

Omayra Sanchez

This 13-year-old child from the city of Armero, who fell into the mud and rubble, spent 60 hours in agony and died of gas gangrene, has become the world symbol of one of the worst tragedies caused by a volcano in the 20th century. ; during the time she survived she spoke to journalists and constantly sent a message of faith and hope. Her photos and films of her ran all over the world.


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