Paraguay flag


May 29, 2022

The flag of Paraguay was adapted in 1842 (following what was established in the Confederación que la Junta gouvernante d'Asunción). The emblems and proportions have varied over time. The flag has three colored stripes in red, white and blue. The colors were influenced by the French tricolor, which is a symbol of liberation. The symbolism of colors is very rich for the Paraguayan people. Red symbolizes patriotism, courage, heroism, equality and justice; white symbolizes purity, firmness, union and peace; blue symbolizes tranquility, love, knowledge, truth and freedom. The emblems on the two sides of the flag are different. On the obverse there is a yellow five-pointed star placed inside a green wreath topped by the words Republica del Paraguay. The May star represents the date of independence, May 14, 1811. On the back of the flag (reverse) is the Treasure Seal of Paraguay: a lion with the red cap of liberty on top of a pole and containing the words Paz y Justicia. The Treasure Seal is the symbol of the defense of national liberty, which is represented by the lion guarding the Phrygian cap. In 2013 the flag was revised, the coat of arms was simplified and the design returned to the original form.

Historical evolution of the flag

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