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Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira, better known as Batoré (Serra Talhada, April 17, 1960 – São Paulo, January 10, 2022), was a Brazilian footballer, actor, comedian, presenter and politician. He was a councilor for the municipality of Mauá, a municipality located in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo.



Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira was born in Serra Talhada, Pernambuco, and moved to São Paulo with his parents and brothers as a child. -right in the following clubs: Santo André, São Paulo, Saad, Paulista and Ituano.

The Square is Ours

In 1981, playing for two teams, professionally at Ituano and in an amateur way for the GM of Santo André, Ivanildo had his ankle fractured by a teammate during training. Away from football, he created a skit that would give rise to his character. from the program A Praça É Nossa, also from SBT, in the 1990s with Character Batoré. Along with his striking look, the character is remembered to this day for one of his best-known catchphrases: "Ah, stop, oh!", "Do you think it's beautiful to be ugly?" and "You are forced!". And for mentioning in his jokes, countless times, the city of Mauá, in the ABC Paulista region, where he lived. In addition to telling jokes, Batoré used scurrilous humor, and mocked his own ugliness and poverty. After 13 years at SBT, he was fired in a crisis at the station, as a way of containing costs.


After SBT, the comedian was on TV Jornal de Limeira, in the interior of São Paulo, with the program "100 Protocols". Due to the distance between the program location and the city of Mauá, by a bilateral agreement, the program was canceled. The comedian also had a very successful radio show in his city, Mauá, called "Batoré no pé d'ouvido". On October 5, 2008, the comedian was elected councilor for the city of Mauá by the PR/PP coalition with 4,778 votes (2.16% of the total valid votes), being the third most voted councilor. He was re-elected in 2012 for another term still in the PP and soon after changed parties, switching to the PRB. With this maneuver, the electoral justice considered "partisan infidelity" and removed him from his position as councilor.

Return to TV

In 2011, he presented a program on Rede Brasil de Televisão, also called "Batoré 100 Protocols". in the presentation of the program "Batoré 100 Protocols" on "TVR", TV Regional de Sorocabana, channels 23 and 26 of NET. On July 20, 2019, he returned to Praça é Nossa, after 15 years away.


Batoré died in São Paulo, on January 10, 2022, due to cancer. His remains were buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Cabreúva, where the comedian's father and brother are also buried.





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