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Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Latin Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; Lugdunus, August 1, 10 BC — Rome, October 13, 54 AD) was the fourth Roman emperor of the Julius-Claudian dynasty, and ruled from January 24, 41 AD until his death in 54. Born in present-day Lyon, in Gaul, he was the first Roman emperor born outside the Italian peninsula. himself emperor, appoint him as consul and senator. His little performance in the political field, which represented his family, served him to survive in the different conspiracies that caused the fall of Tiberius and Caligula. In this last conjuration, the praetorians who murdered his nephew found him behind a curtain, where he had hidden, believing they were going to kill him. After Caligula's death, Claudio was the only adult male in his family. This motive, together with his apparent weakness and his political inexperience, caused the Praetorian Guard to proclaim him Emperor, thinking perhaps that he would be an easy puppet to control. In spite of his physical kinks, his lack of political experience and being considered a fool and had suffered inferiority complexes since his childhood and stigmatized by his own mother, Claudio was a brilliant student, ruler and military strategist, in addition to of being liked by the people. His government was one of great prosperity in administration and in the military field. During his reign, the borders of the Roman Empire were expanded, leading to the conquest of Britannia. The emperor took a personal interest in law, presiding over public trials and even promulgating twenty edicts a day. In any case, he was seen as a vulnerable character, especially among the aristocracy. Claudius was forced to constantly defend his position by discovering seditions, which resulted in the deaths of many Roman senators. Claudius also faced serious setbacks in his family life, one of which could have been his murder. These events damaged his reputation among ancient writers, although more recent historians have revised these opinions.


Family and early years

Claudius was born in Lugduno, Gaul (now the city of Lyon, France), and was named Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus (Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus). His parents were Nero Cláudio Druso, Quaestor and Praetor, brother of Tiberius, and Antonia, daughter of Marco Antônio and Octávia, who in turn was Augustus' sister. He had two older brothers, Germanicus and Livila. It may be that Antonia had two other children, who died at an early age. During his reign, Claudius revived the rumor that his father, Drusus, was in fact the illegitimate son of Augustus. In 9 BC, Drusus died unexpectedly, possibly from a wound. Claudio was then in charge of his mother, who never remarried. However, as time went by, Claudio's long series of afflictions and physical difficulties began to manifest, which, when they became evident, cooled his relationship with his family. Apparently Claudius added some physical dysfunction to an inferiority complex syndrome that would be reinforced by his own mother. Antonia referred to him as a monster, and used him as an example of stupidity. It is likely that she left him with her grandmother, Livia, for a few years. Livia was little nicer to him, and often sent him short and angry letters of reproach. From the beginning Claudius was considered an unacceptable character for the office of emperor. The imposition of the virile toga was done in secret and Augustus relegated him to a secondary post in the priestly office. Claudius was taken care of by a "former mule driver" for

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