Duke Energy


July 6, 2022

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK), based in Charlotte, is an American company founded in 1904 that operates in the energy sector. The company is listed on the S&P 500 stock exchange index. It has been operating for over 100 years offering services in the generation, distribution, commercialization, transmission of electricity and gas transport. The company operates hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear plants and markets and distributes this energy. The company focuses its operations in the Americas and has around 18,000 employees. It has US$ 51.6 billion in assets and an approximate revenue of US$ 13 billion. It has a total installed capacity of 35,000 MW In Brazil, created ten years ago, Duke Energy, Geração Paranapanema is the largest international investment by the century-old North American company. It has a total of 2,307 MW in power generation assets, comprising eight hydroelectric plants located along the Paranapanema River, on the border between São Paulo and Paraná. The Jurumirim, Chavantes, Salto Grande, Canoas I and II, Capivara, Taquaruçu and Rosana plants together accounted for approximately 2.3% of all energy produced in the country in 2008. It was elected five times by the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW) as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Brazil.


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