Edir Oliveira


August 12, 2022

Edir Pedro de Oliveira (February 3, 1950 – August 4, 2022 in Gravataí) was a Brazilian politician. He was a councilor of Gravataí, secretary of administration of the municipality, vice-mayor and mayor. He was also a federal deputy elected for two terms, undersecretary of state in the Simom government and secretary of work, assistance and state citizenship in the Britto and Rigotto governments. Edir Oliveira was a candidate for mayor of Gravataí in the 2008 elections, having resigned three days before the election to support PM candidate Jones Alexandre Martins, after candidate Daniel Bordignon (PT) had his candidacy revoked five days before the election for administrative impropriety. .

Operation Leech

Edir Oliveira was convicted, in 2011, of administrative improbity by Judge Paula Beck Bohn, of the 2nd Federal Court of Porto Alegre. In addition to him, Rafael Zancanaro de Oliveira, Luiz Antônio Trevisan Vedoin and Darci José Vedoin were also convicted, all four of whom were accused of illicit enrichment by the Federal Public Ministry. The scheme was known by the media as Operação Sanguessuga, the name of the action launched by the Federal Police in partnership with the Public Ministry of Mato Grosso do Sul. Fraud in bids occurred in all Brazilian states, with the exception of Amazonas. In addition to having his political rights suspended, Oliveira was sentenced to pay a civil fine and to reimburse damages to the public treasury. To this end, their assets were partially blocked. The defendant was also prohibited from contracting with the government or receiving tax benefits or incentives from it.


He died on August 4, 2022, aged 72, of a massive heart attack.

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