Colombian presidential election in 2022


July 6, 2022

Presidential elections were held in Colombia on May 29, 2022. As none of the presidential candidates won at least 50% of the vote, a second round was held on June 19, 2022, between the two main candidates, Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández Suarez. Gustavo Petro won the second round, becoming the first left-wing candidate to be elected president of Colombia.

Electoral system

Colombian presidents are elected to four-year terms using a two-round system; if no candidate obtains a majority of votes in the first round, a second round is held between the two candidates with the most votes. The vice president is elected on the same ticket as the president. Presidents are limited to a single four-year term and Article 191 of the Constitution requires candidates to be Colombian by birth and at least thirty years old. According to the constitution, Colombian citizens by birth or by naturalization, eighteen years of age or older, have the right to vote. Various scenarios can cause the loss of voting rights, as provided for in the constitution. Citizens in detention centers can vote in establishments determined by the National Civil Registry. Registration in the civil registry is not automatic, and the citizen must go to the regional secretariat of the Conservatória to proceed with the registration. Legislative Act No. -President will become a member of the Chamber of Deputies.

Previous facts

During the previous election, held in 2018, a second round took place, as no candidate obtained 50% of the votes. The two main candidates were Senator Iván Duque of the Democratic Center Party and Humane Colombia nominee Gustavo Petro, former mayor of Bogotá and former M19 rebel. Election issues included the FARC peace accord, corruption, unemployment and health. Duque defeated Petro by over ten percentage points. However, there were subsequent allegations of fraud and wrongdoing. As runner-up, Petro became a senator by Legislative Act nº 2 of 2015.

2021 Protests

Widespread demonstrations against President Iván Duque's policies took place from late April to December 2021. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the Colombian economy and at a time when unemployment rates were high, Duque proposed an increase of taxes. In addition, a controversial bill was proposed in Congress that would result in the privatization of healthcare. Although most of the protests were peaceful, there were cases of vandalism. On the other hand, according to human rights groups, the police reacted violently to the protesters in several instances, leading to deaths and alleged cases of sexual assault. As a result, the protests led to the withdrawal of healthcare reform and tax reform projects and the resignation of Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla Barrera.


Summary of candidates

The following candidates have applied to the National Registry of Marital Status and will appear on the first round ballot.


Íngrid Betancourt, former senator and member of the Green Oxygen Party. Betancourt announced her candidacy on January 18, 2022 and originally joined the Hope Center Coalition. However, after a dispute with coalition candidate Alejandro Gaviria, Betancourt declared on 29 January that she was leaving the coalition and would run as an independent candidate under her own Oxygen Green (Spanish: Verde Oxígeno) party. After a poor showing in the polls, Betancourt withdrew from the race on 20 May 2022 and endorsed Rodolfo Hernández.


The economist, former guerrilla and former mayor of Bogotá Gustavo Petro, former