Fumio Kishida


October 19, 2021

Fumio Kishida (岸田, Kishida Fumio?, Shibuya – July 29, 1957) is a Japanese politician, current Prime Minister of Japan. He is chairman of the country's Liberal Democratic Party and was majority leader in the House of Representatives.


Fumio Kishida was born into a political family from Minami-ku, Hiroshima, on July 29, 1957. His father Fumitake Kishida and grandfather Masaki Kishida were former political members of the House of Representatives and, in addition, the former prime minister Kiichi Miyazawa is a distant relative. His cousin Yoichi Miyazawa was also a legislator and minister of the economy. He studied law at Waseda University, where he graduated in 1982. After working at the defunct Long Term Credit Bank of Japan and later as secretary to a member of the House of Representatives, Kishida was first elected in July 1993. He served in the lower chamber seven times, representing the 1st District of Hiroshima. He was chairman of the PLD's food affairs committee until September 2012. At the PLD, he is closely related to retired political veteran Makoto Koga. Kishida took control of the Koga group in October 2012. His highest appointment in the party was to preside over the headquarters of Japan's economic revival. Like Shinzō Abe and most of his cabinet members, Kishida is affiliated with the overtly revisionist organization Nippon Kaigi .He was Okinawa Affairs Minister from 2007 to 2008 in the office of then Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda. He was also appointed Minister of State responsible for consumer affairs and food safety in 2008; and Minister of State responsible for Science and Technology, both in Fukuda's cabinet. He was appointed foreign minister in Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's office on December 26, 2012. He resigned on August 3, 2017. On September 29, 2021, he won the LDP's internal elections and became its president , when he would be the likely nominee to replace Yoshihide Suga as Prime Minister of Japan. On October 4, he was appointed Prime Minister, at which time he announced the anticipation of local elections.


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