December 8, 2021

The cock (Gallus gallus) is the male hen, commonly treated as a heraldic animal. These animals, throughout history, were also used in a sport, currently illegal in several countries, called fighting. A juvenile rooster is called a chicken, cockerel or cockerel. Some species of rooster are bred as ornamental birds for their brightly colored feathers.

Sexual dimorphism

The rooster has some sexual dimorphisms in relation to the chicken: Within each species, the male is slightly larger than the female; Its beak is stronger and stiffer; Larger ridges and always bright red in color, while hens, in broody, are pale red; Its head is hairless from the eyes to the beak, with reddened skin that runs to the papilla, which is well developed, a characteristic absent in chickens; Bright feathers on neck, wings and back. The tail feathers are much longer in some species. Large, pointed spurs just above the feet, which only develop in the male, are an instrument of defense and attack in fights between individuals. The singing, present only in male individuals. Although they have a structure analogous to the penis in their embryonic stage, cocks have this organ suppressed during the development of the embryo.


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