George Perez


May 28, 2022

George Pérez (June 9, 1954 – May 6, 2022) was a comic book artist known for his work for DC and Marvel publishers. George Pérez was admired by comic book readers for his clean and extremely detailed illustration style.


He gained renown in the early 1980s when he drew The Avengers for Marvel Comics. He also designed the Fantastic Four and Justice League magazines. He reached the pinnacle of his career when he partnered with Marv Wolfman for DC Comics' The Teen Titans series, recasting the former Teen Titans team whose magazine featured the stories of young superheroes led by Robin, a young version of the League of Legends. Justice. With the success, he moved on to a more personal project, developing a series of Wonder Woman stories, in which he would re-release according to his conception several gods of Greek mythology as part of the DC universe. But his greatest work, considered a classic of the superhero genre, was the series Crisis on Infinite Earths, which reorganized the troubled chronology of the DC Universe. In January 2019, Pérez announced his retirement as an artist. On December 7, 2021, George Pérez himself informed, through social media, that he had terminal Cancer in the Pancreas. The news shocked and moved fans, who had been warned about it by himself. Pérez stated that he would do a big autograph session, as, according to himself, he would have six months to a year to live. dedicated to helping artists in need and of which Pérez is one of the founding members.


Pérez died on May 6, 2022, at the age of 67, from pancreatic cancer. His death was announced the next day by his friend Constance Eza, who wrote on Pérez's Facebook page that the 67-year-old artist "passed away peacefully yesterday at home" with his wife Carol and their family by his side.



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