João Rendeiro


May 28, 2022

João Manuel Oliveira Rendeiro (22 May 1952 in Lisbon – 13 May 2022 in Westville, South Africa) was a Portuguese banker. Rendeiro was founder and director of Banco Privado Português. From September to December 2021, he was a fugitive from Portuguese justice, after being sentenced to several prison terms for economic and financial crimes, having been arrested in South Africa on December 11, 2021, in compliance with an arrest warrant. International.


João Rendeiro was the son of João Augusto da Silva Rendeiro and his wife Joana Marques Gonçalves Oliveira.

Portuguese Private Bank Case

Following the bankruptcy of Banco Privado Português and during the BPP case, João Rendeiro was investigated for committing several crimes. On June 5, 2015, in a first trial, the three defendants João Rendeiro, Paulo Guichard and Salvador Fezas Vital were acquitted of the crime of qualified fraud. In a second case, he was sentenced by the Judicial Court of the District of Lisbon, on October 15, 2018, to 5 years in prison with a suspended sentence, upon payment of €400,000, for the practice of computer forgery and forgery of documents. For the same crimes, his fellow directors of Banco Privado Português were also sentenced: Paulo Guichard to 4 years and 3 months in suspended prison, upon payment of €25,000, and Salvador Fezas Vital to 3 years and 6 months in prison with suspended, upon payment of EUR 15 000. After an appeal by the Public Prosecutor's Office, on July 10, 2020, the Lisbon Court of Appeal increased João Rendeiro's sentence to 5 years and 8 months of effective imprisonment and Paulo Guichard's sentence to 4 years and 8 months of effective imprisonment. After exhausting all appeals, the convictions became final on September 17, 2021. In another case, on May 14, 2021, he was sentenced by the Lisbon District Court to 10 years in prison for the crimes of tax fraud, breach of trust and money laundering. Former administrators Salvador Fezas Vital and Paulo Guichard were both sentenced to 9 years and 6 months in prison for the same crimes. effective arrest for qualified fraud. In the same case, Paulo Guichard was sentenced to 3 years in prison and Salvador Fezas Vital to 2 years and 6 months in prison for the same crime. On the same day, it was reported that Rendeiro had fled Portugal and Europe to evade serving the prison sentences to which he was sentenced. The following day, an international arrest warrant was issued by the Court against João Rendeiro, joining the Europol and Interpol wanted list. On November 3, 2021, Maria de Jesus Rendeiro, wife of João Rendeiro, who stayed in Portugal after her husband fled, was detained by the Judiciary Police for reasons of danger of escape. She was constituted defendant on suspicion of money laundering and embezzlement. After judicial interrogation, she was subject to house arrest with an electronic bracelet. Rendeiro was arrested in South Africa, near Durban, the largest city in the province of Kwazulu-Natal, pursuant to an international arrest warrant. The extradition process ran until his death. On February 23, 2022, the Lisbon Court of Appeal confirmed the 10-year prison sentence to which João Rendeiro was sentenced in one of the cases of the BPP case, for the crimes of qualified tax fraud, breach of trust and money laundering. On May 13, 2022, he was found dead, a victim of hanging, in the cell where he was serving a prison sentence. The former banker had already admitted to suicide, but only in case of losing the extradition process to Portugal, which did not happen. João Rendeiro's suicide took place, however, a week before the