Moacyr Gomes da Costa


May 29, 2022

Moacyr Gomes da Costa (June 7, 1927 – May 5, 2022) was a Brazilian architect, the main name in modern architecture in Rio Grande do Norte.


Born in Caicó, son of a public prosecutor, originally from Taipu-RN and mother from Natal. He moved to Natal when he was 2 months old, due to a transfer by his father's office. He was a student at Atheneu Norte-Riograndense, he started working at 17; because he was a good typist and spoke English, he was selected to work at the Natal Air Base. In 1946, he moved to Rio de Janeiro. Due to work and difficulties in paying for the course, he was only able to enter college 3 years later, completing the course in 1954 at the National Faculty of Architecture, of the then University of Brazil, currently the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He started his work at his uncle's engineering company in Rio de Janeiro, but tired of always designing apartment buildings, he decided to return to Rio Grande de Norte, with the proposal to develop more ideas and explore the diversity of architecture.


Interested in sports architecture, after seeing the construction of Maracanã, Moacyr proposes as a Course Completion Work, a project entitled "Olympic Complex of Lagoa Nova", which would be partially carried out years later with the construction of João Machado Stadium - Machadão and the Humberto Nesi Sports Gym - Machadinho. His first highlight in modern architecture was when, together with his college colleague, Vítor Artese, he won the competition to design a new public market for Rio de Janeiro, the Guanabara State Supply Center - CADEG. At the time, it was considered the third largest project in Brazil in terms of volume of reinforced concrete, second only to the Maracanã stadium and the Furnas hydroelectric plant. Currently, the work is listed as an Official Public Heritage Site of Rio de Janeiro. Returning to Rio Grande do Norte, he was responsible for major public works, such as the Instituto de Educação de Mossoró (currently Centro Educacional Jerônimo Rosado); Caicó Education Institute (currently José Augusto Educational Center); Hotel Vila do Príncipe in Caicó; Cine CID in Mossoró (current Teatro Lauro Monte Filho); Water Supply Center and Aeroclube in Currais Novos; SESC Ribeira Building in Natal; AABB Natal headquarters; Luís da Câmara Cascudo State Public Library; With the PLANARQ office, he designed the Headquarters Building of IPE - Instituto de Previdência do Servidores do Estado do RN, Headquarters Building of DER-RN - State Department of Highways, and the Barão do Rio Branco Building, all in Natal. In partnership with the architect Ubirajara Galvão, he designed the Headquarters Building of Mineração Tomaz Salustino - current CREA RN, in Natal; The SESI/SENAI complex; COSERN Headquarters Building; Headquarters of the Amazon Farming Bodies in São Luís, Maranhão, in addition to the Administrative Center of the State Government of Rio Grande do Norte in Natal. And more recently the Nélio Dias Multisport Gym.


Moacyr died on May 5, 2022. He was facing serious health problems and died at his home in his sleep, aged 94.