Nani (cartoonist)


October 19, 2021

Ernani Diniz Lucas, better known as Nani (Esmeraldas, February 27, 1951 – Belo Horizonte, October 8, 2021), was a Brazilian cartoonist, writer and screenwriter. He is the creator of the strip Vereda Tropical, which is published by several Brazilian newspapers.


Nani began publishing cartoons in 1971, at the age of 20, in the newspaper O Diário, in Belo Horizonte, influenced by names such as Carlos Estêvão, Millôr Fernandes and Henfil. In 1973, he moved to Rio de Janeiro and became a contributor to the humorous newspaper O Pasquim. In the 1980s, he participated in the Informativo COP, a weekly economic and financial analysis, with Luiz Affonso Romano, Bertholdo de Castro, Paulo Jacobsen, Elvira Lobato, Pery Cotta, Rosa Cass, Marco, Rui Rocha, Fausto Werneck, Geraldo Werneck, Wilson Thimóteo , Rosemary Ducraux, José Vargas, Fernando Mandarino, Luiz Augusto Costacurta Junqueira. He collaborated with the Brazilian version of Revista Mad and with several other publications such as the newspapers O Globo, Última Hora and Jornal dos Sports. At Rede Globo, Nani was part of Chico Anysio's writing team for 20 years, creating sketches and dialogues for programs such as Chico Total and Escolinha do Professor Raimundo. Later, he was part of comedy teams such as Casseta & Planeta, Sai de Baixo and Zorra Total. He is the author of the books Happy and Proud, Envaidecido Even, Hot Dog Howling at the Moon, The Moth from A to Z, Jornal do Menininho, Se Arrependimento Matasse, Lipstick in Underwear, Is It Serious, Doctor?, Was It Good for You?, Humor Politically Incorrect and Orai Pornô. About her job, in an interview with TV Brasil, Nani commented: "Humor is so necessary in life, it revitalizes you, gives you a thought about life. That's what I do. you in your place, whoever takes himself seriously ends up falling off his horse."


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