December 8, 2021

The term naturalist refers to the individual who is a student of the natural sciences - notably botany, zoology and geology. The first Portuguese-Brazilian naturalist was Friar Cristóvão de Lisboa, a Franciscan friar who, in the 1620s, wrote the first work on Brazilian fauna and flora: A Natural and Moral History of Maranhão and Grão Pará. carried out missionary work in the so-called Grão-Pará.

Famous Naturalists

Alexander von Humboldt Alfred Russel Wallace Augusto Ruschi Henry Walter Bates Auguste de Saint-Hilaire Manuel Arruda Câmara José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira Georg Heinrich von Langsdorff Georges Cuvier Carl Linnaeus Charles Darwin Ernst Haeckel Ernst Mayr Richard Owen Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Thomas Henry Huxley José de Acosta Fritz Muller Pliny the Elder Richard Spruce Theodore Roosevelt Joseph Dalton Hooker Edward Jenner James Hutton


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