Eighth Avenue (Manhattan)


January 26, 2022

Eighth Avenue (originally called Eighth Avenue) is a major thoroughfare in Manhattan, New York City. The avenue begins in the West Village neighborhood of Abingdon Square Park (where Hudson Street becomes Eighth Avenue at an intersection with Bleecker Street) and runs north for 44 blocks through Chelsea, the Garment District, Hell's Kitchen, Midtown Manhattan, and Broadway Theaters, before finally ending at Columbus Circle (59th Street height). Eighth Avenue has one-way traffic. northward since June 6, 1954. From Columbus Circle, the avenue becomes a two-way street running along Central Park, becoming Central Park West, thereafter continuing to be called Eighth Avenue, but unofficially. The IND Eighth Avenue Line subway line runs along Eighth Avenue.

Points of interest

The Chelsea Hotel (23rd street height). Madison Square Garden and Penn Station (between 31st and 34th streets). New York Times Building on 40th Street. Port Authority Bus Terminal (between 40th and 42nd streets). One Worldwide Plaza. Hearst Tower.

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