July 6, 2022

Profession is a specialized job or activity within society, usually carried out by a professional. Some activities require studies of a given knowledge, such as the professions of doctor, lawyer, engineer, biologist, or architect, for example. Others depend on practical skills, such as cleaning or gardening professions, for example. the society in which it is inserted.



Some professions in Brazil have a self-regulating, consultative, supervisory and deliberative body, usually called a council, which qualifies the professional and supervises the exercise of each profession. They are, therefore, professions, in their full meaning. There are federal councils (examples: CFM, CFBio, CONFEA, CFP, etc.), which operate at the national level, and regional councils (examples: CRM, CRBio, Regional Accounting Council, CREA, CRP, etc.), which operate within the federative units or in certain regions of the country.

Minimum wage


In Brazil, the minimum wage for exercising a profession since 2019 is 998 reais for those aged 18 and over, the minimum wage is changed year by year. However, for those under 18 and over 14 years old, the law provides for only half a minimum wage, working only part-time, as an apprentice.


In Portugal, legally, you can only practice a profession from the age of 16, the minimum wage since 2018 is 580 euros, the value of the minimum wage is changed year by year.

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