Rio Dniestre


October 19, 2021

The Dniester,[1] Dniester or, rarely, Danastro (in Ukrainian Дністер, transl. Dnister; in Romanian: Nistru; in Russian: Днестр, Dnestr and in Latin: Tyras) is a river in Eastern Europe. With a total length of 1362 km, it starts in Ukraine, close to the Polish border and flows towards the Black Sea. In a short stretch is Ukraine's natural border with the Republic of Moldova, separating the latter from its secessionist region, Transnistria by 398 km. After this stretch, the river divides Moldova from Ukraine again to flow through the northern end of the Budjac region and flow into the Black Sea.



↑ The preferred vernacular form is "Dniestre" according to José Pedro Machado in the Etymological Onomastic Dictionary of the Portuguese Language.


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