Ronnie O'Sullivan


May 28, 2022

Ronald Antonio O'Sullivan, better known as Ronnie O'Sullivan (born December 5, 1975) is a professional snooker player, seven-time world champion and winner of 39 ranking tournaments between 1993 and 2021. quickly earned him the nickname "The Rocket" and made him the most popular player today. He is considered by the snooker community to be the best snooker player of all time.


O'Sullivan started his career at a very young age. He reached his first 100 points at age 10, reaching the mark of 117: he got his first maximum break of 147 at 15; turned professional at age 16 in 1992. He won the 1993 British Snooker Championship at age 17, marking the beginning of a successful career in the sport, being the youngest player to win a tournament to count towards the rankings. Naturally talented but temperamental, O'Sullivan came from the same mold that created Alex Higgins and Jimmy White. O'Sullivan's life has been a busy one and he's been the subject of media interest. For example, his father served time for murder, arrested in 1992 and released 17 years later. O'Sullivan still suffers from depression and often struggles with himself, and a 1996 title won against Ken Doherty (the Benson & Hedges Irish Masters) was taken away from him because marijuana was found in a drug screening test. passed through difficulties interspersed with resounding successes. O'Sullivan also does not have good relations with the media, with some of his comments being considered ungraceful. In 2004, O'Sullivan's father called 1970s master player and six-time world champion Ray Reardon and asked him to give O'Sullivan some advice. With this support, O'Sullivan rose to the top and won the world championship that year. O'Sullivan is unique among today's top-ranked pro snooker players in that he can play both right-handed and left-handed - sometimes alternating between the two in the same play. When he did this for the first time in the world championship against Alain Robidoux, the Canadian player accused him of disrespect. O'Sullivan replied that he played better with his left hand than Robidoux did with his right hand. He was also responsible for the fastest clearing in the world championship (147) against player Mick Price on April 21, 1997; it completed the cleanup in 5 minutes and 20 seconds—an average of one shot every 9 seconds. In fact, his fifteen maximum breaks include his five fastest. Three of these breaks were taken in world championship matches. O'Sullivan has a century-old record of 1107 strokes (as of May 4, 2021), surpassing Stephen Hendry in this stat. , against Neil Robertson, in which he won 10-4. Out of curiosity, the ball from the centenary shot was pocketed with the left hand. O'Sullivan's clubhouse is the Grove Snooker Centre, located in Romford, East London. After failing to defend his 2004 World Championships title, losing in the quarter-finals to an exceptionally determined and persistent performance by Peter Ebdon (with many observers accusing Ebdon of slow play), he told the press he was unlikely to compete. in the following season. However, he returned. In the 2014 season, the snooker world ranking began to be attributed to the prize money collected by players in tournaments. In 2014 Ronnie O'Sullivan won the UK Championship again against Judd Trump in a memorable game, when it was only in black that he managed to win 10-9, after almost five hours of play. In the second most important event on the world circuit, The Rocket was winning by 5-1 and then by 9