Rubens Florentino Vaz


August 12, 2022

Rubens Florentino Vaz (March 17, 1922 – August 5, 1954) was a Brazilian soldier, major in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).


Son of Joaquim Florentino Vaz Júnior and Zilda de Oliveira Vaz, on April 1, 1940 he began his course at the Military School of the Army. The following year, with the creation of the Ministry of Aeronautics, he requested a transfer to this weapon. he was a student at the Aeronautics Cadet School, in Campo dos Afonsos, in Rio de Janeiro, and completed his course in 1943. In 1954 he served in the Air Routes Directorate, in Rio de Janeiro, when opposition to the government of Getúlio Vargas intensified. He stood out for being the fatal victim of the attack on Tonelero Street against congressman and journalist Carlos Lacerda, when the latter, returning from a lecture, approached his apartment in the building located at No. 180. The shots fired wounded Carlos Lacerda's foot and killed Major Rubens Vaz. The subsequent investigation indicated the head of personal security for the then President of the Republic, Getúlio Vargas, Gregório Fortunato, nicknamed "The Black Angel" as the mastermind of the crime. On the day of the crime, August 5, the protection of Carlos Lacerda was supposed to be done by Major Gustavo Borges, but due to the need to fly to complete the hours determined to the airmen, Major Vaz replaced him that night, doing him a favor to his colleague. Nineteen days after the episode, on August 24, 1954, Getúlio Vargas committed suicide. Rubens Vaz was promoted post mortem twice: in 1954 and in 1965. He was married to Lígia Figueiredo Vaz, with whom he had four children.