School shooting


August 12, 2022

Shooting in schools is a type of violence perpetrated with a firearm in which the target is the educational environment, defined by the United States Secret Service as a "deliberately chosen place of attack" and causes a great impact on society, being a tragedy that reveals the author's cruelty on helpless students and teachers, in an environment that is intended to prepare young people for the future. In general, shooters are solitary, although in two cases in the United States they acted in pairs. Until the year 2012, around 400 attacks on schools were registered worldwide; about 87% of those who shot at students in the last 45 years were students who were bullied at the institution. However, there are cases in which institution officials were the perpetrators, such as the principal of the school in Droyssing, Germany, who shot at students, killing three and injuring an equal number, and then being lynched by residents close to the place who heard the shots. In the United States, the first recorded case of school shooting was that of Brenda Ann Spencer who, in 1979, with a rifle, shot at the school across the street from her home, killing the principal and an employee, injuring eight children. and a policeman - claiming, after having done so, that the reason was because he "didn't like Mondays"; Brenda would also have inspired other shooters in her country - including one that took place ten years later against a school with the same name as the one she attacked: Cleveland Elementary School. This would also have been the first school attack by a woman.

Attacks in Brazil

In Brazil, the most serious case was the so-called Realengo Massacre at Tasso da Silveira Municipal School, perpetrated by former student Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 23, who invaded the place armed with two revolvers and shot the students, killing twelve of them, to finally commit suicide. Recently, a considerable increase in the number of attacks on schools in a short period of time has been noticed, below we can see a table that quantitatively summarizes these attacks:

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