August 12, 2022

Tyrannosaurus is a genus of coelurosaur theropod dinosaurs that lived during the late Cretaceous period, approximately 66 million years ago, throughout the region that is now North America. The only representative of the genus is Tyrannosaurus rex, which gained the specific epithet of rex, for being the largest known carnivorous dinosaur when it was discovered. Like other representatives of the Tyrannosauridae family, T. rex was a bipedal carnivore with a cylindrical skull and a thick, muscular tail. Their legs were long and muscular, but their arms were extremely short and thin, and these animals also had three fingers at the end of each leg and two fingers on their arms. In adulthood a T. rex could reach about 4 meters in height and 12 meters in length. Its skull could exceed 1.4 meters, and its mass could exceed 8 tons. Females were larger than males. A recent study proves that it had the most powerful bite among dinosaurs; its bite exerted a pressure of 6 tons. It had 60 irregular teeth, some over 30 centimeters and others much smaller than 20. It is also estimated that its muscular legs allowed the animal to reach a speed of more than forty kilometers per hour in a boat (all the muscles of the T .rex concentrated on 1 single objective, running). Today, there are more than thirty fully reassembled tyrannosaur skeletons, and it is precisely this abundance of available fossil material that has allowed these animals to be deeply studied to discover the main aspects of their biomechanics, although their physiology and daily habits are still unknown. fruits of debate until today. The finding of a damaged Tyrannosaurus skull proves that there should have been violent battles for food and the right to mate between individuals of the same species. Although it was not the largest bipedal carnivore, as it was surpassed in length by Spinosaurus, its mass was probably less than that of Tyrannosaurus, which was the first to have a fully reassembled fossil, one of the reasons that led it to become the most famous of the dinosaurs, and his reputation as a great predator led him to be represented as the main villain in all the media in which he appears, becoming a symbol of his race and a reference in the field of hunting for food.


Tyrannosaurs were theropod dinosaurs and, as adults, reached 3.6 to 5 meters in height and perhaps a maximum length of 13 meters, with an estimated mass of up to 10 tons. These animals had a strong skull, with a maximum length of one and a half meters, formed by several filaments of interconnected bones that were connected to the vertebral column by a thick and long bone, an unusual characteristic among theropods, which generally had lighter bones. The neck was also thick and muscular, and not as long as in some other theropods. The most complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton, "FMNH PR2081", nicknamed "Sue", measures 12.35 meters in length in a straight line and 3, 96 meters tall at the hips, although there are also estimates of 3.66 meters tall at the hips and 12.8 meters long. Measurements that became a benchmark for other specimens. Its mass was probably approximately 8.8 tons. His skull measures 1.41 meters. A T. rex's neck was shaped like a letter "S", which was short and too muscular to support its heavy head; the animal's legs were long and muscular and ended in a three-toed paw with thick, pointed claws, but the arms were extremely short and thin, ending in two-toed paws, also with pointed but very small claws. The tail was long, thick and also muscular, formed by more than forty vertebrae to balance the