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May 29, 2022

If you have used content available on Wikipedia in your work, it is essential that you mention this source in the reference list. According to the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards - ABNT, standard NBR 6023: August 2003, the form indicated is as follows: ENTRY NAME. In: title of the encyclopedia. Available in:.

. Access on: date. Example

Generating quotes

In the "Tools" menu on the left side of each Wikipedia article, there is the option "Cite this page". When chosen, the Wikipedia software will automatically generate the texts for the citation of the respective article. Citations are generated in the following styles: ABNT, American Psychological Association, Modern Language Association, Modern Humanities Research Association, Chicago Manual of Style, Council of Science/Biology Editors, Bluebook: a Uniform System of Citation, BibTeX. It is recommended to check the syntax of the citation, so that the requirements of the place where it will be posted are met.

Quoting with ABNTeX and BibTeX

@inbook{wiki:TheoryDosErros, publisher "Wikimedia", title "Theory of Errors", booktitle "Wikip\'edia: the free encyclopedia", year "2022", url "\url{}", urlaccessdate "21 Apr. 2006" } The code above produces: error theory. In: WIKIPEDIA: the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia, 2006. Available at: . Accessed on: 21 Apr. 2006.

Wikipedia as a source

As with any other research source, especially those whose authorship is not known, it is recommended that you be careful, if possible, to independently verify the accuracy of Wikipedia information. For many purposes, but particularly in academia, Wikipedia and encyclopedias in general may not be an acceptable source – at least when not used without corroborating information from other sources. Considering that much of Wikipedia's content is referenced, an alternative is to cite the reliable sources present in the entry, instead of citing only the latter. Typically, the scholarly use of Wikipedia and other encyclopedias is to understand the generalities of a problem and to gather keywords, references, and bibliographic references. Wikipedia is a wiki, so it can be changed by anyone with internet access. As much as it offers a good overview of most of the topics covered, Wikipedia may at any time undergo changes with the exclusion of exact information or the addition of false information, which the reader may not recognize as such. For more information, read the Portuguese Wikipedia general disclaimer page.

Citing Wikipedia when translating articles

According to the copyright licenses under which Wikipedia articles are published, the modification and reuse of texts is allowed, provided that, among other conditions, there is attribution of authorship. The authorship requirement is satisfied, for example, with a link to the Wikipedia page that has been reused. To indicate a link when translating material from Wikipedia in other languages ​​to Wikipedia in Portuguese, you can do so in the edit summary or as described in the template documentation as {{Translation/ref}} or {{Translated}}.