December 8, 2021

Rules for adding entries

Number of articles Historical events: 2 to 3 Births: 2 to 3 Deaths: 2 to 3Note: The number of articles in each item in the template can be changed if there is an imbalance between the right and left side of the Main Page (large blank spaces on either side). In these cases, give preference to historical events, as they are in greater quantity and are broader facts, which generally affect a greater number of people. Chronological listing: from oldest (top) to newest (bottom). One highlighted article (in bold) per entry, which minimally satisfies the book's style and quality criteria (larger than an outline if possible). Global importance and scope addressed in the highlighted article (the article that is in bold). Each entry will be elaborated in a single sentence. Avoid inserting controversial and/or controversial data, especially those referring to living people or companies operating in the market. The heterogeneity in each of the sections and the ephemeris as a whole: Have as wide a variety of themes listed as possible (avoid thematic repetitions). There is heterogeneity of entries in geographic terms. There is heterogeneity of entries in chronological terms (without a concentration of more recent events).


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