December 8, 2021

Double Asteroid Redirection Test

Agree The fact is relevant and I believe that its coverage and importance in the context of astronomy and space exploration justify its appearance in Current Events. Solon26125 (discussion) 01:32, 26 November 2021 (UTC)

Florin Cîțu

I agree with adding news to current events, however it should be noted that it has been 2 days since the event occurred. It would be better if the suggestion was made earlier, but it is still valid. John Smith (W1F0X) (discussion) 19:27, 27 November 2021 (UTC)

2021 Copa Libertadores final

Comment I added a logo. It's not the official logo, but it's better than no image. ━ ALBERTOLEONCIO Who, me? 01:52, November 28, 2021 (UTC) I agree Skyshifter disc. 02:29 am, November 28, 2021 (UTC)

João Doria

Disagree A preliminary fact of regional and limited importance about a future election, about the primaries of a party that does not have the relevance it once had in the Brazilian political scene. Solon 26,125 7:44 pm, November 28, 2021 (UTC) I disagree, according to Solon. — EduardoFP7(msg) 22:12, November 28, 2021 (UTC) I disagree because it is preliminary or pre-candidacy for the 2022 election and does not guarantee equality, when we have the page Presidential election in Brazil in 2022 with the definition of candidates and their vices by their respective parties, it would already be included in this list. Renan Rabbit available 22:50, 28 November 2021 (UTC)

2021 Amazon Earthquake

I disagree, there is no mention of the earthquake in the article. Leandro Drudo (discussion) 20:39, 28 November 2021 (UTC) @Leandro Drudo: I managed to find the entry. GDortmund 20:49, 28 November 2021 (UTC) Agree I have left the link to the main article in bold. Solon 26,125 8:51 PM, 28 November 2021 (UTC) Agree ━ ALBERTOLEONCIO Who, me? 9:05 pm, November 28, 2021 (UTC) I agree. — EduardoFP7(msg) 22:01, November 28, 2021 (UTC) I agree-- Darwin Ahoy! 23:46, November 28, 2021 (UTC)

Listvyazhnaya mine disaster

Agree: Note that it has been 3 days since the event. Therefore, I agree with the proposal as it is still valid. GDortmund 23:58, 28 November 2021 (UTC) I agree Skyshifter disc. 01:24 am, November 29, 2021 (UTC)

Nicolae Ciuca

Question: shouldn't this be incorporated into the already posted news about Florin Cîțu? It's the same situation, one entered right after the other left. Solon 26,125 23:56, November 28, 2021 (UTC) Comment I agree with User(a):Solon26125, we must merge with the existing entry. Renan Rabbit available 00:14, 29 November 2021 (UTC) I agree. Originally I only mentioned Florin Cîțu because there was no article — at that time — by Nicolae Ciucă. And the news could not pass unnoticed. Gabriel Bier speaks aew 29 November 2021 (UTC) Just mentioning Ciucă's taking over as prime minister is enough, and the final stretch "ending nearly three months of political crisis" is dispensed with, looking like a headline in WP:JOURNAL. Gabriel Bier speaks at 00:49, 29 November 2021 (UTC) The fact is relevant and contextualizes the importance of the news. I see no reason to withdraw. I also didn't quite understand the "WP:JOURNAL" argument, as that is literally the purpose of Current Events, or propose to end it... Skyshifter disc. 01:24 am, November 29, 2021 (UTC) No, it's not — that's what Wikinews is for. Gabriel bier speaks aew 22:56, 29 November 2021 (UTC) I agree, as long as no changes are made to the content of the text. Skyshifter disc. 01:24 am, November 29, 2021 (UTC) I agree, according to Skyshifter and see Magdalena Andersson. GDortmund 02:55, November 29, 2021 (UTC)

Xiomara Castro


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