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May 29, 2022

A talk page is a special Wikipedia page that contains discussion about the content of the original page to which it is associated. To access an article's talk page, click on "discussion" in the options bar located above the article's preview field (or type the expression "Discussion:" in your browser's address bar, between the words /wiki / and the title of the article). To return to the article itself, click on "Article". Inevitably, situations will arise where contributors from the same article can mutually discuss the content of the article - hence we created a specific domain for such discussion.

User Talk Pages

Your user page (user) also has a talk page, and that has some special features. There is a link to it at the top of the interface, next to its name (if you use a different "skin" than the default, it may be somewhere else). Also, if changes are made to it by a third party, the text You have new messages appears at the top of pages. These pages are occasionally used for private communication between users, but please note that these pages are public. If you wish to communicate privately, please use email. To write to another user's talk page, click the talk link of the respective user's home page (the link is located in the same place as any other talk page link, i.e. next to the "user page" tab when viewing that page). From the recent changes list or your watchlist, you can directly access a talk page of a particular user simply by clicking on the (Talk) link next to the respective user's name (or their IP number in the case of a anonymous).

Discussion redirects

It is not necessary to delete them. See discussion here: Wikipedia:Esplanade/proposals/Talk page redirection (14nov2013).

"Add comment to this thread" tool ("+" button)

In order to edit a talk page, you can optionally use the "+" button (located next to the talk page's "talk" link), but only to start a new thread or to reply to the last post located at the bottom from page. If you hover your mouse cursor over the button, you will notice the text "Add a comment to this thread", describing how it works. To start a new discussion topic, write the title of the discussion you are proposing in the form labeled "Subject/Header:". With this, the edit summary is automatically filled with the text typed in that form. To reply to a comment positioned in the lower section of the page, do not write anything in the above mentioned form. In this case, it is not possible to fill in the "edit summary" field. If you prefer to do so, directly edit the desired section by conventional means. Using the "Add comment to this thread" tool, an editing conflict is impossible. However, in case you are replying to an existing thread instead of creating one, your reply may eventually be transferred to a section created after you start editing, causing misunderstandings between the various parties. Therefore, it is recommended to directly edit the intended sections, in case you wish to respond to them, especially in the case of constantly edited pages, reserving the "+" tool only for the creation of new topics. If, however, your comment is posted in the wrong place, simply re-edit the page and place it in the correct place.


Indentation is used to keep talk pages readable. Comments are indented to show if they are replies to another