May 29, 2022

A WikiProject is a group of contributors who want to work together as a team to improve Wikipedia. These groups usually focus on a specific area, for example, Project Art or Project Science.


The pages of a WikiProject are the central place for editor collaboration in a specific area. Editors develop criteria, maintain various collaborative processes, and keep track of work that needs to be done. It also provides a place where issues of interest to the editors of a subject can be discussed. WikiProjects often give advice to editors, use bots to track what is happening in articles of interest to the group, and create lists of tools and templates that project participants often use. Talk pages attached to a project page are a convenient place for those involved in this project to talk about what they're doing, ask questions, and get advice from others interested in the group's work. WikiProjects participants also assist in conducting quality assessments of articles pertaining to their specific topic area. These are usually areas of interest or expertise and can be used for collaboration, coordination, competition, dissemination, decision-making, integration and mutual assistance. WikiProjects are not organizations that make rules, nor can they assert ownership of articles within a specific topic area. WikiProjects have no special rights or privileges compared to other publishers and cannot impose their preferences on articles. A WikiProject is fundamentally a social construct: its success depends on its ability to function as a cohesive group of editors working towards a common goal. Some WikiProjects are fully active and have many active participants and even elected coordinators who actively help the WikiProject to function. Some WikiProjects are a little less active, but still exist as a place of collaboration and work tracking where interested editors can exchange ideas and information. Some WikiProjects are completely inactive.

Finding a project

WikiProjects welcomes new participants; feel free to join anyone or everyone that interests you!

Creating and maintaining a project

Creating a WikiProject is the process of creating a group of people who want to work together. Before you begin, read the WikiProject organization guide and examine some existing WikiProjects to understand how they operate in practice. If you're not sure about creating a new project, or not sure if anyone else is interested, you can make a WikiProject proposal. Groups of like-minded editors may start new WikiProjects at any time and are encouraged, but not required, to propose them before doing so. Formal proposals have many advantages, including receiving valuable input, saving a lot of work, and recruiting potential participants.

Inactive projects

Many WikiProjects go dormant or semi-active because they lack interested editors or simply serve their original purpose. Many small-scope projects go dormant or semi-active after establishing an organizational structure, advice pages, content rating system, layout and inclusion standards, trusted sources, and navigational aids. These projects are kept for reference as they may be viable because they provide topic-specific considerations of the many site-wide policies and guidelines that still apply to a subset of articles. Most WikiProjects still provide invaluable quality scorecards which, while they may seem