Yoshihide Suga


October 19, 2021

Yoshihide Suga (菅, Suga Yoshihide?, Yuzawa — December 6, 1948) is a Japanese politician who served as his country's prime minister, having been chosen by his party to replace, from September 16, 2020 , Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, until October 2021. On September 3, 2021, the prime minister had stated that he would not seek re-election as he would focus on combating the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan.

Family and education

Suga was born into a family of strawberry farmers in Ogachi (now Yuzawa), a rural area in Akita Prefecture. The region is quite poor, but his family belongs to the local elite. He moved to Tokyo after graduating from Yuzawa High School. He attended night school to earn a Bachelor of Laws degree from Hosei University in 1973. He is the only one of 130 students at his primary school to have entered the university. Suga chose Hosei because it was the cheapest option available and he worked in a cardboard factory to pay for college.

Political career

Affiliated with the highly influential and overtly revisionist Nippon Kaigi lobby, Suga created the team to revise the 1993 Kono Declaration, which recognizes the forced recruitment of sex slaves into the armies of the Japanese Empire (known as "comfort women"). elected to the Japanese Parliament for the first time in 1996, aged 48, representing the 2nd district of Kanagawa. In September 2020, Suga announced his candidacy in the 2020 LDP leadership election to succeed Abe, who announced his resignation due days earlier. to health problems. Until the election, Suga was widely considered the favorite to succeed Abe as prime minister, having secured the endorsement of a majority of voting party members before the election. On September 14, he was elected the new president of the LDP and, at the same time, will receive an invitation from Emperor Naruhito to form a government as the new prime minister. Following Shinzo Abe's resignation announcement in August 2020, Suga emerged as the main candidate to replace him in the next leadership election, having won the support of Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, LDP General Secretary Toshihiro Nikai, the two biggest factions of the LDP, and supposedly even Abe himself. Suga's competitors in the race for LDP leadership included Abe's long-time rival Shigeru Ishiba and LDP policy chief Fumio Kishida. his disinterest in environmental issues. On September 3, 2021, the prime minister stated that he would not seek re-election as he would focus on combating the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan. He was succeeded in his post by Fumio Kishida.

Personal life

Suga is married and has three children. His wife, Mariko, was the sister of her co-worker in Hikosaburo Okonogi's office. Suga has a daily workout routine that includes 100 sit-ups and 40 minutes of walking every morning and 100 sit-ups every night. He started this routine after a doctor advised him to lose weight and lost 14 kg in four months.


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