October 17, 2021

Austria (German Österreich, IPA (German): [ˈøːstɐˌʁaɪç] listen), the official name is the Republic of Austria (Republik Österreich) - a state in Central Europe. The population is 8.46 million people, the territory is 83 879 km². It occupies the 94th place in the world in terms of population and 112th in terms of territory. The capital is Vienna. The state language is German. Federal state, parliamentary republic. From October 9, 2021, Alexander Schallenberg is acting Federal Chancellor. It is subdivided into 9 federal states: Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Styria, Vorarlberg, Vienna. In the north it borders on the Czech Republic (362 km), in the northeast - with Slovakia (91 km), in the east - with Hungary (366 km), in the south - with Slovenia (330 km) and Italy (430 km), in the west - with Liechtenstein (35 km) and Switzerland (164 km), in the north-west - with Germany (784 km). About 74% of the population is Roman Catholic. Post-industrial country with a dynamically developing economy. The volume of GDP in purchasing power parity for 2017 amounted to 441 billion US dollars (about 50,000 dollars per capita). The monetary unit is the euro. Member of the United Nations, European Union. In 1955, she proclaimed permanent neutrality and non-alignment with any military blocs.


The name of the country comes from the ancient German Ostarreich - "Eastern State". The name "Austria" was first mentioned in a document dated November 1, 996. The Austrian flag is one of the oldest state symbols in the world. According to legend, in 1191, during one of the battles of the Third Crusade, the snow-white shirt of Leopold V was completely splattered with blood. When the Duke removed his wide belt, a white stripe formed on his shirt. The combination of these colors became his banner, and in the future the flag of the Republic of Austria. In honor of Austria, the asteroid (136) Austria is named, discovered on March 18, 1874 by the Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa at the Austro-Hungarian Maritime Observatory in Pula.


The lands of modern Austria were conquered by the Romans from the Celts in 15 BC. NS. In the VI-VIII centuries, the territory of the future Tyrol is occupied by the Germanic people of the Bavars, the territories of the future Austria, Sh�

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