Author's song


August 11, 2022

An author's song, a bard song or a poetic song is a song genre that arose in the middle of the 20th century in different countries. Its distinctive features are the combination in one person of the author of music, text and performer, guitar accompaniment, the priority of the significance of the text over the music.


In Russia

Urban romance and song miniatures by Alexander Vertinsky can be considered the forerunners of the author's song. At first, the genre was based on student and tourist songs, which differed from the “official” ones (distributed through state channels) in their dominant personal intonation, as well as a lively and informal approach to the topic. Separate works of the genre appeared as early as the 1930s (romantic songs composed by Pavel Kogan and Georgy Lepsky, the most famous of which was Brigantine and the early songs of Mikhail Ancharov). In pre-war Moscow, the songs of the geologist Nikolai Vlasov (1914-1957) became popular, who laid the foundation for the tourist song: "Student Farewell" ("You will go to the reindeer, I will go to distant Turkestan ...") and others. A special fate has developed for the songs of Yevgeny Agranovich, who began to compose them in 1938. The songs of this generation were hardly distinguishable from those heard through official channels and were often written by retexturing an already well-known melody: for example, Baksanskaya is considered a classic tourist and author's song - a song written by climbing warriors in the winter of 1943 to the melody of Boris Terentyev's famous tango "Let the days pass ". But it's written the same way: the popularly known song "Blue Handkerchief" (the first version of the text, written by a professional poet, was soon replaced by the "folk", which was sold throughout the country); the symbol of besieged Leningrad is “Volkhovskaya Table” (to the tune of the song “Our Toast”). Most often, performers of songs of the “author's song” genre are both authors of both poetry and music. In the early 1950s, a powerful layer of author's songs appeared among the students - at the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University (the most famous authors of this galaxy were Gen Shangin-Berezovsky, Dmitry Sukharev, Liliana Rozanova) and at the Pedagogical Institute. Lenin (Yuri Vizbor, Yuli Kim, Ada Yakusheva). Shi�