July 3, 2022

Academician - a member or, with several levels of membership, a member of the highest level of the organization of scientists - the Academy of Sciences. A synonym for the word "academician" is the phrase "full member of the academy". The privileges and obligations associated with membership, as well as the measure of respect for an academician, depend on the authority of the academy that elected him. As an external attribute, in all countries where there are academies of sciences, there are academic gowns and caps (see photo).

Academicians of State Academies of Russia

In modern (2022) Russia, there are four state academies of sciences at the national level: the Russian Academy of Sciences (with the RAMS and RAAS that joined it in 2013), as well as the RAO, RAASN and RAH. Membership in these academies is extremely prestigious, it serves as a kind of award for outstanding scientific merit and gives social recognition that goes beyond the academic community. The largest state academy in the country is the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). As of June 4, 2022 (taking into account the results of the last elections on May 30 - June 3), there were 888 academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the majority continue their scientific work in senior positions in research institutes and universities. Academicians are elected for life at the general meeting of the corresponding academy, as a rule, from among its corresponding members (except for honorary and foreign academicians), while only academicians have the right to vote. A distinctive feature of the last three elections in the Russian Academy of Sciences (2016, 2019, 2022) was a large percentage of vacancies announced - in order to rejuvenate the composition - with an age limit: at the time of election, an academician could not be older than 61 years old. Formally, the title "Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences" (RAO, RAASN, RAH) is not considered an academic title, but often it is still interpreted as an academic title. In any case, its significance is incomparably more serious, compared even with the highest title - "professor". For the title of academician, a monthly bonus to the official salary is due. The status of two more academies in the country - RARAN and AKRF - largely corresponds to the state academies of the all-Russian level, but, unlike the Russian Academy of Sciences, RAO, RAASN and RAH, they are not officially mentioned as such in the federal law (FZ No. 253 [2013]. ], article 19). In addition, in a number of subjects�