October 17, 2021

Album (from Latin album - white) has several related meanings: a book or musical edition with reproductions, drawings, photographs or musical compositions, etc., corresponding to a specific topic, accompanied by an explanatory text; a white product (blank bound sheets) for drawing, collecting something (poems, clippings, postage stamps, etc.). professional term: a publication in which the sheets are bound on the short side.


The ancient Romans called an album a white, usually plaster-covered bulletin board that was displayed in public places. On such boards, the high priest published the official annual chronicle (lat.annales maximi), the newly elected praetor - his annual edict, and other officials - the lists of senators, judges, ecclesiastical colleges and corporations. The service records of the units of the Roman army bore the same name, and in the Christian church the lists of clergy (in Greek - canon). In the late Middle Ages, the Roman word again came into use in European languages ​​in relation to a book of white, stitched or not stitched sheets, intended for handwritten writing. At the same time, the name of the album bore not only the lists that were kept in universities and other higher educational institutions by persons belonging to them, but also genealogical books compiled by scientists and artists to record something in memory of colleagues or other wonderful people. The first Russian prototypes of the albums include tray albums with portraits of Russian tsars, made for Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. Numerous memorable photo albums were in the ceremonial offices and living rooms and in the reception room of the Alexander Palace under Nicholas II. In the 18th century, the album acquired a new meaning due to the intensification of travel for scientific or artistic purposes. The albums are intertwined with engravings that have not only scientific but also artistic significance. The album becomes an integral part of the enlightened traveler's costume, who puts in it travel notes, notes and sketches. An album of this type has a single author-owner, but it can also involve duplication. In �

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