Angrist, Joshua David


October 17, 2021

Joshua David Angrist (born September 18, 1960, Columbus, Ohio, USA) is an American and Israeli economist, professor of economics at the Ford Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics 2021.


Born September 18, 1960 in Columbus, raised in Pittsburgh into a family of Carnegie Mellon University professors Stanley Angrist (b. 1933) and Sarah Shirley Angrist (nee Bloomstone, b. 1933). The family adhered to Reconstructivist Judaism. Father is the author of a number of monographs and scientific works in the field of engineering thermodynamics; mother was a sociologist, her parents, natives of the Russian Empire (Eragola and Keidan), emigrated to Montreal from Lithuania in 1927. Not finishing his final grade, Joshua Angrist dropped out of high school, later passed the subjects necessary for the school certificate as an external student, and only a year later continued his studies at college. In 1982, he received an honors bachelor's degree in economics from Oberlin College and entered the economics department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but soon dropped out again, married, received Israeli citizenship, and was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces. In 1982-1985, during the Lebanese War, he served in the airborne troops in Lebanon. In 1987 he received his master's degree in economics and in 1989 was awarded his doctorate in economics from Princeton University. He began teaching in 1989-1991 as an assistant professor at Harvard University. In 1991-1995, he was a senior lecturer in economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (in 1995 he was appointed associate professor). He was a visiting associate professor at MIT from 1994-1995, then became an associate professor in 1996-1998, and from 1998-2008 he served as a full professor of economics, and since 2008 became a professor of economics at the Ford Department at MIT. institute. Since 2011, he has also been co-director of the School of Efficiency and Reducing Inequality at the School of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. By�

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