October 17, 2021

Arrangement (from the French arranger - "to put in order, arrange") - an arrangement of a piece of music for a composition of performers different from the original (for example, orchestration of a piano piece). Arrangement also refers to the harmonization and instrumentation of a new or well-known melody.

Brief description

Arrangement as a process of creating a score for a pop ensemble or orchestra is of two types: Arrangement of pieces of music that are written specifically for their performance by a variety ensemble or orchestra (in particular, dance music). Arrangement of musical works, the authors of which did not count on the possibility of their performance by a pop ensemble or orchestra (for example, vocal works): 35. In the first case, "the composition is conceived in an orchestral way and in its very conception already promises well-known orchestral colors" (Rimsky-Korsakov G. M .. Basics of orchestration, vol. 1), and the arranger is faced with the task of achieving the correct transfer of the artistic content of the work by means of the instrumental composition of the pop ensemble or orchestra in accordance with the author's intention: 35. An example of the second case of arrangement is the album "Joue Les Beatles" of the Paul Mauriat orchestra, where a number of hits of the Beatles, performed in the original by a quartet, are arranged for their performance by a large composition of instruments - a variety orchestra.

Arrangement and instrumentation

The question is often asked: why do we say not "instrumentation" or "orchestration", but "arrangement"? Is there any difference in these three concepts?: 5 The related term "instrumentation" is used mainly when working with acoustic instruments, while the term "arrangement" is also used in relation to electronic instruments and digital devices associated with such instruments (stand-alone tone modules, application programs containing "banks »Acoustic and other instrument timbres, samplers, sequencers, drum machines, etc.).

Arrangement and genre of music

Depending on the musical genre (synthpop, hard rock, etc.) in which the group of musicians intends to perform the melody, different styles are used.

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