Ari (football player)


January 24, 2022

Ariclenes da Silva Ferreira (Port.-Brazil. Ariclenes da Silva Ferreira; December 11, 1985, Fortaleza, Brazil), better known as Ari (port.-Brazil. Ari), is a Russian and Brazilian football player, striker. Played 2 matches for the Russian national team.


Ari was born in Fortaleza in a poor area. At the age of 11-12, he sold fruits, etc., and worked at construction sites. Now he helps people from the area where he grew up. Participates in the charity project Natal sem fome (Christmas without hunger). In addition to him, the family had three girls and one boy. At the age of 7, Ari began working in the markets as a fruit merchant. At the age of 15, he took up football, playing borough-by-ray on the beach. There, he and several other guys were noticed by the scouts of the club of the 3rd division and invited to their place.

Personal life

Ari's first child, Kaylan's daughter, was born when he was 18 years old. Two years later, his son Kauanu was born. On December 17, 2014, he married a Russian model, Natalya Gryzlova, whom he had dated for about two years before. Natalia was born in Samara, where she graduated from college. As a 17-year-old student of the correspondence department, she got a job as an assistant to a deputy of the Samara Duma from the LDPR party. She devoted her free time to the modeling business. Later she moved to Moscow, where she was an assistant to State Duma deputy Roman Khudyakov. In Moscow and met Ari at a party. Two months after they met, the two of them flew to Fortaleza, where Gryzlova met Ari's parents. They later had a daughter, Ariana. In April 2017, Ari, along with teammate Farfan, a Lokomotiv physiotherapist and a club driver, pulled a woman out of the car who got into an accident, and then a man who was stuck in a damaged car. July 26, 2018 received Russian citizenship

Club career

"Awai" and "Fortaleza"

Ari began his professional career in 2004 at the Avai club. In the same year, he moved to Fortaleza, who were relegated to Serie B, with which he made his debut in the Brazilian championship in 2005.


In the winter of 2006, the football player's agent, Oliver Cabrera, began looking for options for Ari to continue his career in Europe. The Brazilian was claimed by two clubs, Helsingborg and Kalmar. After the transfer to Helsingborg Henrik Larsson, the club refused to transfer�

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