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Bachelor - the first, initial academic degree or qualification awarded to persons who have mastered the relevant educational programs of higher education. Completed first-level higher education in countries that participate in the Bologna process, including the modern Russian Federation. Bachelor's degree - higher education, confirmed by a bachelor's degree with the award of an academic bachelor's degree or a bachelor's qualification. Applied baccalaureate is a special teaching methodology, a standard of specialist knowledge, in which students of higher educational institutions receive a full set of knowledge and skills necessary to immediately, without additional internships, work professionally in their specialty. An experiment on the creation of an applied bachelor's degree in educational institutions of the Russian Federation was introduced by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated August 19, 2009 N 667 "On conducting an experiment on the creation of an applied bachelor's degree in educational institutions of secondary vocational and higher professional education."


In Russian, the word "bachelor" has been known since the 18th century - it was first mentioned in the form of "bachelors" in 1757 in Moskovskie Vedomosti. Derived from medieval Latin. baccalaureus < baccalarius - "poor or young knight, owner of the estate." Some philologists (such as Bruckner, Mladenov, Vasmer) derived the Latin word from lat. baccalaureatus - "decorated with laurel", from bacca laurea - "laurel branch". Other philologists (in particular, Bloch and Doza) questioned the possibility of the transition of baccalarius to baccalaureus and considered such an interpretation to be folk etymology. Despite the large number of versions of origin, the word bachelor in Russian is used as an official legal translation from English "bachelor's degree" - a bachelor's degree. And in modern Russian, the word bachelor is used as an international degree of higher education.

Bachelor's degree

In the Russian Empire

In pre-revolutionary Russia, the bachelor's degree was used, but it had different meanings compared to the modern degree of higher education - the bachelor. Academic degree ba

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