Ben-Gurion, David


May 22, 2022

David Ben-Gurion (Hebrew דוד בן-גוריון‎; born David Yosef Green (Yiddish דוד יוסף גרין‎); October 16, 1886, Plonsk, Russian Empire - December 1, 1973, Israel - Tel Aviv politician and statesman, major figure in Zionism, leader of the Jewish labor movement in Palestine, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel (1935-1948), the first Prime Minister of Israel (in 1948-1953 and 1955-1963), Minister of Defense in the first ten governments of Israel , Minister of Transport in Israel's third government. David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948 read out the Declaration of Independence of Israel and headed the young state. It was under the leadership of Ben-Gurion that Israel defended its independence in the Arab-Israeli war of 1947-1949. Ben-Gurion is considered one of the founding fathers of Israel, it was he who laid the foundation of the Jewish state, directly influencing the solution of key issues and the formation of the main institutions of the State of Israel.


Childhood and youth

David Joseph Green was born on October 16, 1886 into a Jewish family in the town of Plonsk, Plock province. In 1881, 5 years before the birth of David, out of 7800 inhabitants of Płońsk, 4500 were Jews. David's father, Viktor (Avigdor) Green, observed Jewish traditions (belonged to the Mitnagdim movement), was one of the founders of Hovevei Zion (Loving Zion) in Płońsk, and later became a staunch Zionist. He worked as a court clerk with the right to perform the duties of a solicitor. This position allowed him to take a high place among the Jews of Płońsk. David's mother - Sheindl Green (nee Friedman) - died when the boy was 10 years old, during the next birth. For David, who was very attached to his mother, her death was a big blow. David ignored his father's new wife until her death. David's grandfather, Zvi Arie Green, was fluent in Hebrew, Polish, German, and Russian, taught Hebrew in a Jewish school, and was well versed in the teachings and laws of the Torah. In addition to Victor, Zvi Arie had three more sons. He taught Hebrew to David and the rest of his six grandchildren. Both grandfather and father of David were active members of the "Society of Friends of Knowledge and Torah", founded by the Płoń intelligentsia in 1895. At the age of five, David Green entered the cheder, a traditional