Battle of Plassey


July 3, 2022

The Battle of Plassey (more precisely, Palasi, English Battle of Plassey) is a battle off the banks of the Hooghly River in West Bengal, in which on June 23, 1757, British Colonel Robert Clive, representing the interests of the British East India Company, inflicted a crushing defeat on the troops of the Bengal Nawab Siraj ud-Daula, on whose side the French East India Company acted.


The Battle of Plassey is one of the highlights of the Carnatic Wars. This clash was provoked by the capture by the Nawab of the British foothold in Bengal - Fort William in the territory of modern Calcutta. The Board of Directors sent Colonel Robert Clive and Admiral Charles Watson to counter the Madras Bengalis. A significant role in the victory of the British was played by the betrayal of the commanders of the Nawab, primarily Mir Jafar, who was bribed by Robert Clive, who also promised Jafar that he would become the new Nawab of Bengal.

Progress of battle

The battle began at 7:00 am on June 23, 1757, when the Indian army went on the offensive and opened artillery fire on the British positions. At 11:00 am, one of the Indian commanders led the attack, but was killed by a British cannonball. This caused panic among his soldiers. At noon it began to rain heavily. The British quickly sheltered gunpowder, guns and muskets from the rain, but the untrained Indian troops, despite French help, failed to do the same. As a result, when the rain stopped, the British still had firepower, while the cannons and guns of their opponents were permanently disabled. At 2:00 pm the British began their offensive. Mir Jafar ordered a retreat. At 05:00, the Indian retreat turned into a rout.


The victory at Plassey predetermined the English conquest of Bengal, so it is customary to begin the countdown of British rule in the Indian subcontinent from it. The confrontation between the British and the French in India was the eastern theater of the Seven Years' War, called by Churchill "the first world war in history."


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