Martial arts


October 17, 2021

Martial arts - various types of martial arts and self-defense of different, often East Asian origin; developed mainly as a means of hand-to-hand combat. Currently, they are practiced in many countries of the world mainly in the form of sports exercises, with the aim of physical and conscious improvement. Martial arts are subdivided into directions, types, styles and schools. There are both quite old martial arts and new ones. In addition, the various styles of martial arts can be divided into external and internal, the differences of which lie in the ratio of body training and mind work. An example of the internal school is Taijiquan, the external one is the hard Qigong "Iron shirt". Also, training methods are divided into internal (for example, meditation) and external (makiwara). As a general name for all martial arts and martial arts, some modern authors use the term kempo. The body of Japanese martial arts is commonly referred to as budo. Some of the martial arts are a mixture of others; for example, taekwondo, karate and aikido are an evolved mixture of the local martial arts of Okinawa, Kenjutsu and Jujutsu in Japan, and tekyen and subak in Korea. Many martial arts, especially oriental ones, also teach medical sciences. This is especially true for traditional Chinese martial arts, which teach how to set bones, practice qigong, acupuncture, acupressure, and other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. Martial arts can also be associated with religion and spirituality. Some of them were founded and disseminated by monks (the most famous are the Shaolin monks). Martial arts are used by modern armies; for example, knife defense techniques similar to those found in fencing books (German Fechtbuch, plural Fechtbücher) by Fiori de Liberi (Italian Fiore dei Liberi), and Codex Wallerstein, written by an unknown author (s) were integrated into the training manuals of the US Army in 1942. Some martial arts are influenced by governments to make them more sport-like for political purposes. The main motive behind the PRC's attempts to transform China�

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