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May 28, 2022

A boy band or boy band or boy band (English boy band or boyband; lit. "boy group") is usually defined as a vocal pop group consisting of young men of attractive appearance and focused on preteen and adolescent girls. As a rule, a boy band is created by a producer for purely commercial purposes, as opposed to groups that arise as an association of friends who write songs and play themselves. A producer conceives the concept of a boy band, and members are recruited through a series of auditions. Also, the producer is engaged in the selection of repertoire. Although there are exceptions, participants are not expected to play musical instruments either in the studio or on stage, but special attention is paid to dance preparation. Performances of boy bands are musical numbers with spectacularly staged choreography, designed to demonstrate the external physical data of the guys. The term "boy band" itself originated in the 1990s, and the popularity of the phenomenon in the US and Europe reached its peak in the second half of the 1990s, when such groups grew like mushrooms and occupied the first lines of the charts. However, the format originated earlier. Currently in the West, the attention of girls has shifted to boy pop-rock bands. In East Asia, boy bands, called idol groups there, are very popular.


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