Battle of Elchingen


October 17, 2021

The Battle of Elchingen is a battle that took place on October 13-14, 1805 near the village of Elchingen, located not far from Ulm (Germany). The course of the battle. Feat of Marshal Ney On October 13, 1805, Napoleon arrived at the camp near Ulm and ordered to take a bridge and a position at the village of Elchingen, which were protected by about 20,000 Austrians. The next day, the 6th corps of Marshal Michel Ney, having restored the Elchingen Bridge under fire, took Elchingen Abbey and the village of Ober-Elchingen itself by storm. 3000 prisoners (about 2 regiments) and artillery were taken. In this battle, Marshal Ney first took over the leadership of the restoration of the bridge under heavy enemy fire, and then personally led the bayonet attack of two of his regiments over the bridge over the Danube.

Results and meaning of the battle

The bridge built by Marshal Ney over the Danube at Elchingen allowed Marshal Murat to lead his troops along it to provide timely assistance to General Dupont, who repelled the attacks of the Austrian corps of General Werneck near the city of Jungingen. Together they drove the Austrians north towards Heidenheim. As a result, by the night of October 14, the corps of Ney and Murat concentrated against the Michelsberg camps of the Austrians. Mack's position was clearly becoming critical, since there was no longer any chance of a general withdrawal along the northern bank of the Danube. At the same time, Marshal Marmont and the guards were almost on the outskirts of Ulm south of the river, and Marshal Soult approached non-stop, blocking all exits to Tyrol. Elchingen battle Napoleon considered one of the most brilliant in the Austrian campaign of 1805. Marshal Ney received the title of Duke of Elchingen for him in 1808.


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