August 11, 2022

Brooklyn (Eng. Brooklyn [ˈbrʊklɪn]) is the most populated borough in New York - 2.73 million inhabitants (2020). Located in the western part of Long Island.


Brooklyn was originally a Dutch village called Breukelen, located on the banks of the East River, on Long Island. The west coast of Long Island was inhabited by the American Indians of the Canarsie tribe, who ceded their lands to the New Netherland. The Dutch West India Company founded as many as six cities on this site: Gravesend (English Gravesend) (1645), the only English in the colony; Breukelen (Dutch Breuckelen) (1646), named after the village of Breuckelen - the future Brooklyn; Nieuw Amersfoort (Dutch. Nieuw Amersfoort) (1647), named after the city of Amersfoort - the future Flatlands; Midwout (Dutch. Midwout) (1652) - the future Flatbush (English Flatbush); Nieuw Utrecht (Dutch. Nieuw Utrecht) (1657), named after the city of Utrecht - the future Bensonhurst; Boswijk (Dutch. Boswijck) (1661) - the future Bushwick (Eng. Bushwick). In 1664, the British conquered New Netherland, and all the settlements of Brooklyn became part of the New York colony. They began to expand, and in 1854 Brooklyn became a city. Although Brooklyn is part of the city of New York, it looks like a city in its own right, which cannot be said of, for example, the Bronx. “...before the creation of “Greater New York” in 1898, Brooklyn was the third most populated city in the United States (after New York and Chicago itself). What is the rather big (and almost empty) building of the former municipality. When the Brooklyn Museum was laid out, it was supposed to be larger than the Louvre. In response to Manhattan's Central Park, the Brooklynites hired the same architects to equip Prospect Park, similar in purpose ... ". In a referendum on unification with New York a few years earlier, only about 51% of Brooklyn voters voted yes.


Brooklyn had a population of 2,504,701 in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau. More Russian speakers live in Brooklyn than in other New York City boroughs.

Downtown Brooklyn

The Central District is located in the northwestern part of Brooklyn. It owes its name to the fact that when Brooklyn was an independent city, this area was its center, both cultural and business. It continued