Burevestnik (rugby club)


January 24, 2022

Burevestnik is a rugby club founded in 1962 in Leningrad on the basis of a team from the Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Medical Institute (LSMI). Later, the Burevestnik club included the teams of the LMI (Voentekh) and the 1st LMI.


The founding year of rugby in Leningrad is considered to be 1962, when the LMI clubs were formed (Vsevolod Kapenkin and Evgeny Zuden as founders), Leningrad State University (Mikhail Glybovsky), LSGMI (Roman Ivanyukhin, teacher of the Department of Physical Education and Medical Control), DSO "Spartak" and DSO " Labour” (Konstantin Podletsky and Evgeny Lomakin). At the same time, the Presidium of Rugby was formed and the first official rugby tournaments took place - the spring and autumn championships of LOSS. Six Leningrad teams took part in the tournaments: LMI, Leningrad State University, Trud, Trud-2, LSGMI and Nauka (LMI-2), and the LMI team became the first winner of the LOSSPS Cup. Later, the Rugby Federation of Leningrad was founded, headed by Grigory Mikhalkin, head of the LMI Physical Education Department. In the same year, students of Voenmekh (Leningrad Mechanical Institute named after D. F. Ustinov) founded their own rugby team on the basis of the student DSO Burevestnik. One of the important persons of the team was the honored coach of the RSFSR Boris Varakin, who opened a rugby section at the Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Medical Institute (LSMI) in 1963 and became the team's coach. Later, the LSGMI team teamed up with players from the First Leningrad Medical Institute and from Voentekh, in fact, becoming the same “Petrel”. Since 1966, the Burevestnik club began to play in the USSR rugby championship, taking 3rd place in the group stage and the final 9th ​​place. In 1967, the Burevestnik team won the Baltic Cup (a tournament for the prizes of the Latvian rugby federation), beating CVD (Kaunas) and RAF (Riga). In 1968, a student team from Leningrad took part in the USSR championship and took 4th place: Varakin, who was already the head of the department of physical education at the 1st LMI, remained the coach of the Burevestnik team. Players such as Boris Vishovnik and Alexander Antonov played in that team. The highest achievements for Burevestnik were bronze medals in 1971 and silver medals in 1973: from 19

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