Burnett, Johnny


October 17, 2021

John Joseph Burnette; known as Johnny Burnette; March 25, 1934, Memphis, USA - August 14, 1964, Lake Clear, California, USA) - American singer, musician, boxer, member of The Rock & Roll Trio (1956-1957) - one of the first rockabilly bands.


In 1956, Johnny Burnette became a member of The Rock and Roll Trio, which included his brother Dorsey Burnette (1932-1979) on double bass and guitarist Paul Burlison (1929-2003). The musicians traveled to New York, where they performed on the television show Ted Mack Amateur Hour and signed with Harry Jerome and Coral Records. The trio's first single, recorded on May 7, 1956, was released on Coral Records under the name Johnny Burnette and The Rock 'N Roll Trio; the next six, which consisted mainly of songs of their own composition, were released under the name The Johnny Burnette Trio and as Johnny Burnette's solo singles. The most successful third single with the song "Train Kept A-Rollin '" had regional success in Baltimore and Boston, however, it did not receive national recognition. According to modern researchers, this recording was not inferior to the classic rockabilly recordings of the time made on Sun Records. The vinyl album, released in December 1956 on Coral Records under the name Johnny Burnette and The Rock 'N Roll Trio, contains all the singles and some of the unreleased songs. Despite the record's title, the recordings with Johnny Burnett featured not only Dorsey and Paul, but various session musicians, including studio professionals such as bassist Bobby Moore and guitarist Grady Martin. John is the soloist on all songs and Dorsey is on "Sweet Love On My Mind." - parades of the USA and Great Britain with the songs "Dreamin '" (1960), "You're Sixteen" (1960), "Little Boy Sad" (1961). The singer died on August 14, 1964, when another ship crashed into his boat, which was sailing without lights.


Albums (favorites)

1956 - Rock 'n' Roll Trio 1960 - Dreamin '(Sunset Records) 1960 - Johnny Burnette Sings 1962 - Johnny Burnette 1963 - Roses Are Red (Liberty Records) 1982 - Johnny & Dorsey (Rockstar Records) 1993 - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'n Roll Trio (Aris Records) 1998 - Original Johnny Burnette (Disky Records) 2003 - That’s the Way I Feel (Rockstar Records) 2003 - Rock and Roll



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