Waldmann, Hans


August 11, 2022

Hans (Hans) Waldmann (German: Hans Waldmann; c.1435, Blickensdorf, Canton of Zug, Switzerland - April 6, 1489, Zurich) - Swiss statesman, political and military figure. In 1483-1489 he was Burgomaster of Zurich.


Born into a peasant family. He was a tailor's apprentice, then a tanner. Together with his younger brother, in 1452 he received citizenship in the city of Zurich. From 1458 he participated in wars. From 1460, he first served in various hired Swiss troops, then commanded a 12,000-strong detachment of Swiss confederates in the Burgundian wars against the army of Charles the Bold, and distinguished himself at the Battle of Murten (1476). In 1483, as a representative of the wealthy elite of the Confederation, he was elected burgomaster of Zurich, where he introduced many useful reforms: he limited the privileges of the clergy, put a limit on wills in favor of monasteries, etc. The history of the largest arsenal in Zurich, built in the second half of the 15th century, is connected with his name. century. After the Burgundian Wars (1447-1477), which were victorious for Switzerland, there were so many captured weapons in the city that the burgomaster ordered to build a special warehouse for them. His influence on the diets and power in Zurich quickly increased and created many personal enemies for him, who envied him the enormous wealth acquired by gifts and awards from the courts of Austria, France, Savoy, etc., at the same time, new taxes and police orders irritated the people. Overthrown by a peasant uprising, H. Waldmann was put on trial, accused of seeking tyranny, financial corruption, foreign relations and sodomy, and then beheaded in Zurich on April 6, 1489.



The burgomaster of Zurich, the knight and politician Hans Waldmann, is executed by his people. Where does Zurich begin or the history of Bahnhofstrasse