Varakin, Boris Alexandrovich


January 24, 2022

Boris Alexandrovich Varakin (March 22, 1929, Vologda - December 23, 2008, St. Petersburg) - Soviet rugby coach, the first coach of the USSR national rugby team (1974), candidate of pedagogical sciences (1983). Honored Coach of the RSFSR (1974).


Sports career

Graduated from the Leningrad College of Aviation Instrumentation and Automation, GDOIFK named after Lesgaft (1958). He was engaged in athletics (middle-distance running), played for DSO "Burevestnik". Later he took up a coaching career, opening a rugby section at the Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Medical Institute (LSGMI) in 1963 and becoming a team coach. With the LSGMI team, also known as Burevestnik, in 1968 he took 4th place in the USSR championship, and in 1969 he won the Leningrad Cup and the Leningrad Sports Week prize with it. Commenting on the victory in the Leningrad Cup, he noted a sharp shortage of rugby coaches and called on the Lesgaft Institute of Physical Culture to open an optional rugby course. In 1970, Varakin was included in the list of 30 best rugby players in the USSR as a coach. With Burevestnik, he became the bronze medalist of the USSR Championship in 1971 and the silver medalist of the USSR Championship in 1973. With the Primorets club, he reached the final of the USSR Cup in 1977. In 1979, he took the 8th place with the team in the First League of the USSR and brought it to the Major League. In 1974, Varakin led the USSR national team in the tournament for the prize of the "Socialist Industry", in which the Soviet rugby players won. In Varakin's team, nine players represented exactly the Leningrad Burevestnik. He led the USSR national team at the tournaments of the Socialist Industry also in 1975 and 1977, and later worked as the second coach of the Soviet national team. Varakin's rugby training methods allowed the USSR national team to beat almost all opponents in official matches for a long time, with the exception of the French team. Varakin also worked as a judge for some sports competitions at the Leningrad Medical Institute (including cross-country skiing).

Academic career

Instructor of physical culture at a number of enterprises in 1952-1960, chairman of the Petrograd District Sports Committee in 1960-1961. Senior Lecturer, Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Medical Institute

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